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spHaus has been established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 as a progressive and innovative design company, producing and distributing 100% made in Italy high-end indoor and outdoor contemporary furnishings and accessories.

spHaus production

The company’s guidelines were set up since the beginning. The main concern was a reaction to the general standardization of the contemporary Italian furnishing production, going beyond the conventions of the sector’s large commercial brands by applying the principle of formal innovation, without losing sight of the shape pureness and functionality and, above all without ever being merely decorative.

spHaus is strategically located in the renowned Brianza Design District, famous for being the place of the most appreciated historical Italian design brands. The production processes development, made of a perfect balance between industrial and handicraft capabilities, draws on this area’s most important resource: namely a network of experienced suppliers, highly specialized in the furniture sector.

spHaus production

Year after year, spHaus improved relationships with Italian and international designers. The product range grew, increasing a unique and sophisticated catalogue featuring a quantity of refined items meant both for the professional and private market.

Indoor and outdoor upholstered couches and armchairs are the main part of the collection, representing the company’s core business. Nevertheless the catalogue also features a series of complementary furniture: indoor dining tables, indoor and outdoor occasional low tables and indoor lamps.

The standard production is as well supported by various degrees of customization: from the use of colors and fabrics upon customer’s request to the creation of brand new contract products.

spHaus booth
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