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SOFT PILL outdoor


SOFT PILL outdoor
filippo dell'orto 2003

A sculptural icon of design, a timeless unique piece.

This project was completely conceived through 3D computer graphics. The starting point was a pill-like solid shape, then moulded to obtain the seat: hence the name "soft pill". The last step was the removal of useless surfaces to give the final product a lighter design. 

The result is a seat that can be used in two different ways. The back has the regular shape of the armchair while the arms are designed to be used as chaise longue. 

Soft Pill is a lounge chair meant for indoor or outdoor use. It is made of moulded hard polyurethane, coated in a variety of luxurious hand-made finishes: a mixture of precious marble powders, river sands, metal powders or concrete.

It could be provided with an optional upholstered back pillow with removable fabric or leather cover.



technical sheet

2D/3D files



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